Welcome to Don’t Eat the Pseudoscience! We are a group of young food scientists from various research and technical spaces that seek to make food easier to understand for everybody in a fun, personable, and relatable manner. Feel free to explore the site and connect with us here or on social media!


Our Philosophy

Whether what you eat is organic or GMO, processed or straight from the dirt, naturally or synthetically colored or flavored, we believe the most important things about your food are safety, abundance, accessibility, taste, and nutrition.

Values (EATING)

Ensuring a safe, wholesome and stable food supply through science, and technology.
Acknowledging that food additives are not scary chemicals, but tools with helpful purposes, preservation, added nutrition, or enhanced functionality.
Thinking critically about what we read on social media about the food industry.
Involving our viewers, inviting them to share their thoughts and perceptions
Nourishing our bodies with a variety of foods in moderation, recognizing that foods high in calories and low in nutritional content should play a small role in one’s diet.
Getting information from science, specifically peer-reviewed journals, and other reputable studies.

 Disclaimer: We acknowledge that we may have some biases because we’re surrounded by food scientists (due to the nature of our environment).
We represent only our own views and not those of any other entities (i.e. our respective universities, corporations, or government-funded organizations).

Get to know each of us!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. So glad someone is promoting science. I actually started to write up something not too long ago. (not as fun as yours). One of them is about science and pseudoscience 🙂 What an coincidence! So happy to find like-minded people!
    Keep up the good work!


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